Lambs Leather is one of the superb brands on the internet, and it is a masterpiece of its own. To facilitate our customers with the best and top, we have a certain Return And Exchange Policy that they can practice if ever needed. Following are the Return And Exchange Policies that you must go through before purchasing a product:

After receiving the product, if the customer faces any issue with the size, then it can be exchanged;

however, one must note that:

► The Customer will have to report the size issue within 24 Hours of its arrival. No return will be entertained after 24 hours of its arrival.

► If the size of the product is according to the measurements of our chart, but the customer has chosen the wrong size and measurement, then there will be no return or exchange. OR, otherwise, the customer will have to pay 50% charges as the payment.

► If the size issue is on behalf of the store, for instance, if the product is not according to your measurement, then the store will be responsible for it and exchange. However, it must be duly acknowledged that the customer should request within 24 hours of the arrival of the


► As everyone knows, sometimes, due to some error/ glitches, the color of the product varies in the images. So, if the color of your product varies from the one in the online image, then send the picture of your ordered product within 24 hours to avail of the return/refund service. Depending on the availability of the product, we will either replace the product or refund the cash (if the customer reports the problem with the product within 24 hours of its arrival).

► If the product has arrived damaged to you due to shipment or any other reason on behalf of us, then only in these circumstances, the shipment of your product will be done at our expense. However, it should also be noted that if your product is damaged, then you will have to email and contact us within 24 hours of its arrival.

► First of all, we have a convenient Return And Exchange Policy. So, if there’s any query or any issue with your product that you have found, you can contact us via email. Our customer care representative will quickly respond to your query to solve it as soon as possible. If a customer cancels the order within 24 hours, then we will refund the entire amount to your account.

► After ordering, if there is a change of mind or any other reason, then you are required to cancel it within 24 hours. If a customer cancels the order within 24 hours, then we will refund the entire amount to their account. However, if a customer fails to cancel an order within 24 hours, then the following conditions apply:

► If the product is canceled after 24 hours, then 25% will be subtracted from the buyer’s paid amount.

► If the product is canceled three days after verification, then 35% will be subtracted from the buyer’s paid amount.

► There will be no cancellation if a customer performs it after a week of confirmation.

► However, in some special circumstances, if a customer is allowed to cancel the product after a week of confirmation, then there will be a subtraction of 50% from the buyer’s paid amount.

► If a customer wants to exchange his/her jacket due to some reasons, especially size issues within 3 Days, then we offer them a new jacket free of cost with the correct size; but, the buyer will have to pay for the Shipping of Return which will depend upon the size and weight of the product.

► Customer should return the product in the same original condition as it was received. In addition to that, no tags should be removed. If the product is found damaged or in used condition from the customer’s side, then there will be no refund.

► Furthermore, in case of return or even exchange, the customer will be required to send the product back to the region and warehouse from where it was shipped and nowhere else, so, that the respective staff can be held accountable.

► First of all, the shipping costs of the product are free of cost. However, one should note that we will only pay the cost of the shipping while delivering the product from our side. So, in any scenario of a return or exchange shipment, the customer will have to bear all the shipping costs.

► If a customer finds an issue from our side related to the color, pattern, design, or size of the product, then in such cases, customers can avail of the Return And Exchange Policy by just sending us the pictures and pointing out the problems in the product.

Note: The following problem should be discussed within 24 hours of the arrival of the product.

► If a customer orders a product only for trial purposes, then no return, refund, or exchange policy will be entertained.

► If there is no issue with the product and the customer intends to return the product on just the basis that they don’t like the product, then the return of the product will not be eligible.

► If the customer has to return a product due to some problems, then he/she must read the following conditions which will be applied:

► Customized products are non-refundable

►Our store only accepts all payments in USD. Therefore, if the customer pays in another currency, then his/her payment will be converted into USD.

► If a customer does not respond to any of our mail regarding the production of the product, then his/her order’s production will be halted for 10-12 days. After the specified time, their order will be canceled and 50% of the customer’s amount will be refunded. Even if the customer contacts after the specific time and asks for the order to be canceled, in that situation also, only 50% of the paid amount will be refunded.

► If a customer does not respond to any queries/emails regarding the shipment of the product or the confirmation of the shipment of the product, then:

Either the shipment of the product will be halted for an uncertain amount of time. If the customer reaches back for the cancellation of the product after the shipment was stopped, then only 50% of their paid amount will be refunded.


The product will be directly shipped to the given delivery address. After delivery of the product, if the customer contacts the store in concern with anything regarding the product that was mentioned in the confirmation email, then their query/return/refund will not be entertained as they were previously been informed about it via the conformation email and no response was provided on their behalf.

► If the customer has removed all the tags from the product, then we would not authorize the product for Return.

► Our checking team examines the product completely from its stitching to its color, design, pattern, everything. So, if there are still some problems that you are facing with the product, then contact us at our given email address and report your issue.

► The customer will also have to pay for the return shipment of the product.

Note: The following problem should be discussed within 24 hours of the arrival of the product.

► Even though we ship our products free of cost to facilitate our customers, every region still has its own Custom Policy and some regional charges, which the buyer will have to face and will be responsible for the payment of those charges.

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